Updates in Response to COVID-19

September 2020

2021 UK JET Programme

We regret to announce that the application period will start a few weeks later this year due to the situations surrounding COVID-19. The UK JET Programme is aiming to open the applications for the 2021 intake by the end of October/early November. The deadline for the applications is scheduled for early December with the exact date to be announced once the applications are open.

We are currently finding the best solutions with regards to the application submission and we will be updating our website on how to apply in due course. In the meantime, please familiarise yourself with the Programme’s eligibility criteria and requirements on our website.

We appreciate your interest in the JET Programme!

July 2020

Updates for the current 2020 UK JET candidates

Current 2020 shortlist candidates will be able to choose to depart with the 2020 cohort or to defer to the 2021 intake. Details of this will be sent to candidates in due course via a follow-up email.

If travel restrictions have not eased by the end of September, shortlist candidates will depart with the 2021 intake. Please check the most recent update email for further information regarding Tokyo’s announcement.

Updates for the 2021 Intake

The 2021 JET Programme application timeline may be subject to certain changes as the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected the JET process for the current 2020 intake. More details about next year’s application process will be given in the autumn through the UK JET website.

We would advise checking our website for updates closer to the application period. Applications are usually open from October to November (date to be announced some time in autumn). The closing date for applications will be confirmed once applications have opened officially for 2021.