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Criminal Records Check

Applicants with a past arrest/caution or conviction or applicants requesting Early Departure must submit a criminal records check at the point of application. All applicants will be required to tender an ICPC in the event of their successful application, regardless of their criminal history.

Applicants with a past arrest/caution/conviction of any type other than a minor road traffic offence (i.e. speeding or parking ticket) must submit an original International Child Protection Certificate (ICPC) with their initial application. Once you have completed the online portion of your JET application, please contact the UK JET Office with your details to request a proof of registration letter. This letter should be submitted in support of your ICPC application to the Criminal Records Office:

Please be advised that the ICPC may take two to three weeks from application to be issued, and any costs must be borne by the applicant. You will be able to confirm details on the Criminal Records Office website.

In addition to the ICPC, you will need to provide a cover letter in your application pack explaining the nature and circumstances of your caution/arrest/charge/conviction. This letter should cover any juvenile offences, spent convictions and any additional information relating to all police matters.

Please note that failure to disclose a criminal record that is later revealed to the UK JET Office will result in disqualification from the JET Programme. It is therefore advisable to declare anything that may appear on your record, even if you believe this to have been expunged.

Applicants for Early Departure must also submit an ICPC at the time of application, regardless of any existing criminal history. In the event that an applicant has lived abroad for twelve or more consecutive months in the same country, they must also ensure they acquire a Criminal Records Check from the country in question.

Please be aware that the JET Programme is unable to carry out a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check on your behalf or accept any other UK criminal background check in place of the ICPC.

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