Life on JET

Saijel Kerai
ALT, Akita City, Akita Prefecture, 2017 – Present

At the time, I knew very little about my new home and like most prospective JETs, I spent hours punching keywords into Google hoping to get a glimpse of where I’d soon be living. However, no matter what combination I tried, my results only ever displayed photos of Akita Inu, rice fields and snow. Often, with all three in the same photo. As beautiful as they were, they didn’t really give much away ... [Read more]
Matt Haes
ALT, Naoshima, Kagawa Prefecture, 2016-2018

Most people yearning to travel to Japan probably have a preconceived idea of what its people, culture, and life will be like. A film student, I myself had a romanticised image of what I expected Japan to be like; urban metropolises, quaint villages, cheerful locals, and so on ...
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Nick McCabe
ALT, Nonoichi-shi, Ishikawa Prefecture, 2016 – 2018

In my first month, I was lucky enough to be welcomed into a local taiko group thanks to another JET participant. This was the start of my two year taiko career, playing and practising alongside other Nonoichi people, performing at temples, shop openings, markets and festivals all over the city ... [Read more]
Sarah Hiscock
ALT Fuchu City, Hiroshima Prefecture 2010 - 2015

Since my teenage years I always had the dream of teaching English abroad. After university I fell into a job where I became comfortable and my dreams were put on the backburner. A trip to the rural depths of Shizuoka in June 2009 was to change this, Visiting a friend, a current JET participant at the time, I fell in love with Japan and ...
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Ching Yin Cleo Wong
CIR Nishinoshima, Shimane Prefecture 2016 - Present

I can still remember the excitement when I learnt that I was shortlisted! Even then, I had only planned on staying for one or two years. I am starting my third year now, and I can safely say life in Japan is more challenging and fulfilling than that I could have ever imagined ...
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