Life on JET

Sarah Hiscock
ALT Fuchu City, Hiroshima Prefecture 2010 - 2015

Since my teenage years I always had the dream of teaching English abroad. After university I fell into a job where I became comfortable and my dreams were put on the backburner. A trip to the rural depths of Shizuoka in June 2009 was to change this, Visiting a friend, a current JET participant at the time, I fell in love with Japan and ...
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Ching Yin Cleo Wong
CIR Nishinoshima, Shimane Prefecture 2016 - Present

I can still remember the excitement when I learnt that I was shortlisted! Even then, I had only planned on staying for one or two years. I am starting my third year now, and I can safely say life in Japan is more challenging and fulfilling than that I could have ever imagined ...
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