Pay and Conditions


JET Programme participants are employed by municipal or prefectural contracting organisations within Japan and not by the JET Programme itself. Participants are employed on a fixed-term contract for a minimum of one year. This contract may be renewed for up to 4 additional years by mutual consent between the participant and their contraction organisation. Usually, JETs usually work a 35 hour week from Monday to Friday, but occasional work at weekends or on national holidays may be required by the individual contracting organisation.


New JET Programme participants will receive salary of 3.36 million yen in the first year, rising to 3.6 million yen in the second year and 3.9 million yen in third year. Those who renew their contract for a fourth or fifth appointment will receive an annual remuneration of 3.96 million yen for each year. This is more than sufficient to cover basic living expenses such as rent and utility bills and travel.


Payments towards mandatory health insurance and pension fund are deducted from the JET’s monthly salary. This is automatically taken out of your salary in most cases. Accident insurance is also provided.


In most cases, accommodation for incoming JETs is arranged by the contracting organisation prior to their arrival. However, some JETs will be asked to find their own accommodation with help from their contracting organisation. Rent varies depending on the location.


Flights to Japan are arranged and paid for by the Programme. Participants’ return airfare to the UK is provided, subject to the following conditions:

The return flight is arranged through the participant’s contracting organisation.


There are 16 national holidays in Japan and participants are given between 10 and 20 days paid leave. JETs should be aware that they will be expected to work during the school holidays as the school or contracting organisation sees fit. Please see question 9 of the ‘In Japan FAQs’ for more information.


Participants are placed in cities, towns and villages throughout Japan. Candidates can specify up to three placement requests on their application form but should note that we cannot guarantee to meet their preferences.

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