How to apply

Personal Statement

The Personal Statement will be used to assess your suitability and motivation for applying for the UK JET Programme. You must ensure that it is between 800 and 1000 words, printed on A4 paper, font size 12 and double-spaced. The Personal Statement should be in an essay format, and answer the following questions:

(Both ALT and CIR)

1) Why do you wish to participate on the UK JET Programme and what can you contribute to your host community?

2) If you have any experience of living abroad for an extended period, what aspect did you find the most difficult to adapt to? Was there any specific problem you had to overcome?


If you have not had any experience of living abroad, do you consider yourself to be adaptable to new circumstances and people? What situations have you found yourself in that have required such adaptation?

3a) ALT applicants only: Teaching Ideas
If you have some teaching experience, what methods of teaching (classroom approaches, etc.) have you used, and which have you found the most valuable?


If you have little or no experience, imagine you are in front of a class of 40 students, many of whom are not interested in studying English. How would you go about motivating them? What methods or approaches do you think you might use? What advantages do you think your methods might have?

3b) For CIR applicants only: Current Affairs

What political or social issues in the UK do you think a Japanese person is most likely to be interested in and why?

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