How to apply

Preparing the Application Pack

A full explanation on how to compile your Application Pack can be found in the Application Guidelines. As a general overview, you must include the following original documents in the order below, plus 3 photocopies of each:

  1. UK JET Programme Application Form, signed*
  2. Self-Assessment Medical Report, signed*
  3. Authorisation and Release Form, signed *
  4. Statement of Physician, signed by your doctor (if applicable)
  5. Personal Statement
  6. Academic Transcript
  7. Proof of Degree
  8. Proof of Nationality
  9. Two Sealed Letters of Reference
  10. Stamped Addressed Postcard

*These documents are generated on submission of your online application form. Please ensure your printed versions are signed and dated hand.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure each supporting document meets the brief outlined on their given pages. Application packs with documents that do not meet the specification or that are missing any of the documents listed above cannot be considered.

Additional Documents

If relevant, you may need to submit additional documents (plus 3 photocopies of each) in support of your application:

Collating Your Documents

Please arrange your documents into 1 set of originals plus 3 sets of photocopies, in the order listed above. Each set should be secured individually with a small fold-back clip in the top left corner. Please do not staple your documents or use paperclips, as these may damage your paperwork. All documents must be submitted in the same large envelope and should not be sent separately. Please see the Application Collation Guide for detailed checklists.


Al application packs should be addressed to the UK JET Office and must arrive at the Embassy of Japan by the deadline. This is listed on our homepage. Late applications will not be accepted.

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