How to apply

Self-Assessment Medical Report

All applicants are required to complete the Self-Assessment Medical Report, detailing any health conditions that may require medical attention during their time in Japan. Depending on the information provided, you may also need to submit a Statement of Physician. This is usually required in the following circumstances:

The Statement of Physician must be completed by a qualified doctor with access to your medical history. As your medical record in Japan will be limited to only what is provided through JET paperwork, your doctor must complete all sections in as much detail as possible, and make a clear assessment as to whether you are fit to participate on the JET Programme for a minimum of one year. Your doctor may continue onto a separate sheet if necessary, but please ensure they do not staple the documents. The requisite copies must always be provided.

If you declare any medical condition on the Self-Assessment Medical Report, you must provide a Statement of Physician.

Important Note:
The Statement of Physician is not the same as the Certificate of Health. Applicants should refer to this flowchart to clarify the differences between the documents.

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